Discover La Hacienda

When you stay at La Hacienda Hotel you will not stop enjoying your vacation for even a moment. Our restaurants, bars, lounges, the Ocean Spa in Paracas, and our casino in Miraflores are points of paradise on earth, where you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

La Hacienda bahía Paracas

All of our hotels provide dedicated facilities that allow you to have a distraction free, and productive business stay. These rooms feature workstations, high speed wireless internet connections, and soundproofing for your comfort. In addition, both our hotel in Paracas and our hotel in Miraflores have comfortable, well equipped, rooms designed for business meetings and corporate events.


La Hacienda Hotel embraces the mystique that comes from a history steeped in tradition. You can feel the passion we have for our culture in everything we do. The ultimate expression of this is found in our personal collection of pre-Columbian artifacts found in our private museum in Paracas.


In La Hacienda you will find the best of Peruvian and international food as well a full range of drinks. And of course, you will find our house specialty: the famous Pisco Punch.

gastronomia hotel la hacienda


La Hacienda Hotels, are convinced that one of the main attractions, to ensure tourism is the respect to the environment, promoting the rational and efficient use of natural resources, continuously improving energy saving and water, as well as encouraging the use of biodegradable and non-aggressive products and implemented actions to reduce, reuse and recycling of materials that we generate in our hotel business.




About me: I am an endangered species, I measure between 110 and 130 cm. My plumage is pink and red, because of my food.

Habitat: We’re on the coasts of Peru, Chile and Argentina, and in the highlands of Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

How to protect ourselves?

If you see us, watch us quietly – Keep a distance of not less than 15 meters – Take us pictures without scaring us, you will enjoy it – Avoid approaching in boats and vehicles – Do not use jet skis less than 150 m away – Respect the Low Velocity Zone defined by the Port Authority – Do not pollute our habitat (water and sand) or try to feed us - Support us in the collection of waste you find on the beach.