About us

About us

The seed of the La Hacienda was planted over 20 years ago with a small country restaurant. It is that atmosphere of coexisting with the fertile earth where the carob tree grows that is our emblem. At our hotels La Hacienda Miraflores, and Bahía Paracas, we strive to create a unique atmosphere that embodies the warmth of a rustic hacienda with the comfort and sophistication of a modern hotel.


To provide our guests the freedom to dream, and realize that dream experience wrapped in the warmth and comfort that is part of our family’s legacy.


To share and spread our unique concept of a family centered hotel that gives our guests warm and unforgettable experiences as well as true rest.


Generosity, shared life experiences, friendliness, dedication, and a passion for attenting to every detail for our guests’ comfort, who are the center of our focus.